Harts In Fire Painting Studio

A Fun Sacramento Activity

Looking for a fun activity in the Sacramento area? H’arts in Fyre offers a space for individuals and families to be creative in a helpful, clean, and laid-back way. The creative works our customers create, enjoy their works for years to come. 

How The Studio Works 

You pick the ceramic piece from our studio and collect the brushes and paints you’d like, and get to creating. We take your finished art and fire it to produce a beautiful finish. Having a block of creativity? We have helpful staff to assist in every step of the creative process.  

Contact Us And Start Creating

If you have any questions please email us at hartsinfyre@gmail.com or call us at 916-942-9880

creative flexibility and color choice.

Hundreds of pre-fired bisque and non-fired greenware pottery choices.
All the brushes, sponges, and supplies needed to complete any project we offer.
A huge selection of non-toxic glazes and acrylic paints.

When the artist is finished, a clear glaze or spray sealer will be applied and the pottery will be re-fired and left to cure. The customer can pick up their work in about a week. Glazed items are food and dishwasher safe. H’Arts in Fyre will also offer a small selection of in-house finished items ready for sale.

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